Welcome to Lake Carmel Pharmacy

Lake Carmel Pharmacy is proud to serving Carmel and the surrounding area with the highest quality of care. We are a "full service" pharmacy. Our qualified employees are dedicated to meeting the needs of our customers. Our purpose is to look out for our customer’s overall health and wellness. Lake Carmel Pharmacy is dedicated to provide customers with safe, generic or brand quality medication at affordable prices. You will be in safe hands with our passionate and friendly pharmacists and technicians, whose aim is to serve you and your health needs. Stop by or call us on the phone for a chat, and we’ll happily answer any questions or suggestions you may have.

We are an established pharmacy providing community-driven, personal services with a mission to help you take the best care of your health and the health of your family. Our caring staff offers personalized attention and the latest pharmacy technology in our comfortable store, based in Lake Carmel, 511, Route 52 NY 10512. We offer Free Prescription Pickup and Delivery to your home, office or health care facility in pharmacy working hours. We fill the prescription in less than 10mins of waiting Time. We carry a full line of accredited durable medical equipment and supplies, unit dose packaging and personalized customer service. We accept all major insurances.

We have launched Lake Carmel pharmacy website in order to further connect and widen the scope of our customer service through our online prescription refills and transfer services. We hope you enjoy our customized online features at your convenience.


Our dedication to your health and well-being is top priority and we discuss your concerns related to your medication

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We provide you the personalized attention you need Serving the Lake Carmel community is our top priority.

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With just one simple step you can order all your refills of your prescriptions using our online refilling system.

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Get a free $5 store credit gift card to spend on OTC items at our pharmacy. check with Pharmacist for further details.

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